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KDVILB hardner for PVA D3=D4

Code: GBO00002EKPL1

Description: KDVILB hardner for PVA D3=D4

Use: KDVILB hardner for PVA should be used as a cross-linker with KDVIL to increase heat resistance of glue line for 3D boding of PVC small shaped doors with membrane press.

The best weight ratio should be:

When KDVILB hardner is used with KDVIL D3 in 100 pbw 10 : 5 pbw KDVILB hardner weight ratio, the obtained emulsion fulfils the EN 204-D4 as water resitant adhesive.

General features: Liquid polyisocyanate emulsifiable in water. It is suitable as cross-linker for polyurethane and polyvinylacetate dispersions to increase heat resistance and chemical resistance to plasticizers and solvents as well. It has low viscosity and very good solvatation properties in water

Preparation of the product: KDVIL: pbw 100; KDVILB hardner: pbw 3 - 4

Packing: 1KG.