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KDPREXIL Powder urea self hardning

Code: GCO00001EKYF25

Description: KDPREXIL Powder urea self hardning

Use: KDPREXIL Powder urea is an urea-formaldehyde one shot powder adhesive with a low free formaldehyde. It is used for bonding veneers to hollow cored, chip board, multilayer, two-layer panels and fiberboard in hot and high frequency presses. KDPREXIL Powder urea is used dissolved in water for the manufacture of two-layer panels, lath product, multilayer panels and for their wrapping with papers and veneers.

General features: They are thermosetting adhesives derived from the condensation of urea and formaldehyde. They undergo chemical reticulation yielding an insoluble glue joint that cannot be melted. They have many applications in the facing of panels and multi-layer wood for the woodworking and furniture sectors.

Preparation of the product: KDPREXIL Powder urea: 100 parts by weight; Water: 50 parts by weight

Application system: roller/brush.

Packing: 25KG.